General Radiography

What is Radiography:

Radiography is a procedure that produces images of the body’s internal structures, such as bones and organs, by passing an x-ray beam through the area being examined onto a photosensitive surface.  A special computerized processor then creates digital images of the study.

What to expect:

  • you may or may not be asked to remove articles of clothing from the area to be x-rayed and may be given a gown to wear.
  • the  radiology technologist will confirm your name and/or birth date.
  • the technologist may place you in variety of positions in order to obtain the necessary views.
  • you may be asked to hold your breath when the x-ray is being taken in order to prevent motion blur.
  • you will be asked to wait a few minutes while the technologist checks the images.
  • you may then dress and leave.
  • the x-ray technologist cannot discuss the results with you.
  • the radiologist (a medical doctor who has gone on to specialize in medical imaging) will look at the x-rays and a report will be issued to the doctor that referred you.
  • Please make an appointment with your doctor to review these results.

General Radiography (X-Ray)

How To Prepare for Your Appointment